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Utah SBDC’s Ca$h Flow is King Workshop Series

October 13, 2021 @ 8:00 am - 12:00 pm MDT


Three Workshops over Three Wednesdays.

9 hours of critical content and tantalizing training for your brilliant business (you can attend just one or all three!).

>> October 13th: Understanding your Numbers Like a Pro

>> October 20th: ​Managing your Cash Like a Pro

>> October 27th: Projecting your Cash-Flow Like a Pro

In Understanding your Numbers Like a Pro, you gain knowledge of how to read your financial statements.

In Managing your Cash Like a Pro, you learn short-term cash management tips and techniques.

In Projecting your Cash Flow like a Pro, you will receive cash projection tools and learn how to build and manage your short and long-term cash projections.

Did ​you ​know ​that ​the ​Number ​One ​reason ​businesses ​fail ​is ​that ​they ​run ​out ​of ​money ​(even ​when ​profitable)? Come ​learn ​what ​most ​small ​business ​owners ​do ​not ​know ​about ​CASH. ​ ​By ​attending ​and ​participating, ​you ​will ​get ​the ​tools ​and ​knowledge ​to ​help ​you ​avoid ​the ​ruin ​of ​your ​company:

  • Learn to understand your numbers simply
  • Prevent problems before they are problems
  • Understand how and when to grow
  • Increase potential for more cash, play, sleep, and less stress.

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Utah SBDC’s Ca$h Flow is King Workshop Series