Interview with Joshua Prieto of Know Better Brand: A Mill Business Incubator Graduate

by | Feb 14, 2019 | Business Incubator, Recognition, The Mill

What originally brought you to the Business Incubator (The Mill)?
  • I first came to The Mill by attending an Entrepreneur Launch Pad meeting. After a few ELP meetings, I eventually found out that the space we were meeting in was a co-working environment for entrepreneurs like me. I met several interesting characters and thought I’d enjoy getting away from the lonely work of being an entrepreneur and place myself around other entrepreneurs doing interesting things. I started working in the co-working space a couple months after regularly attending ELP.
What were some takeaways from your time in our space?
  • While at ELP I got involved with the leadership for a moment and started testing and validating my ideas of creating a marketing agency.
  • During that time, a friend I met from ELP, introduced me to Austin Wilson, who over the next few months became my business partner in my first branding agency, Know Better Brand.
  •  While working out of The Mill we developed and validated our first service product, StoryShift, and I have some great memories of Austin and I hashing it out on the whiteboards in the rooms.
  • We took that service to market and landed our first 15 clients and our first client on retainer while working out of the space.
How has your company grown since joining The Mill?
  • I basically went from an idea of what I wanted my agency to look like in ELP to formalizing the agency with a partner and becoming an in-revenue business.
What was the most valuable thing you received from your time here?
  • A space to test and incubate our ideas.

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Business IncubatorInterview with Joshua Prieto of Know Better Brand: A Mill Business Incubator Graduate