Letter from Executive Director Beth Colosimo

by | Jan 15, 2019 | 10kSB, Creative, Goldman Sachs

Happy New Year. A goal I’ve had for a long time has been to write more. I have more year’s business experience than I care to admit and I love sharing and exchanging ideas. Putting ideas down on paper can make you vulnerable to criticism, but can also provide a helpful forum to share information. As a small business owner and now an administrator for small business training and education programs, I hope to provide ideas and information to those looking to become, or who already are entrepreneurs. Of all my many professional experiences, no endeavor challenged or taught me more than taking the giant leap into quitting my day job, giving up my company car and my six-figure salary and benefits package, to venture into the unknown, leverage all I’d worked for and open a business.
As a start in this new year, I’d like to suggest taking ‘stock’ or inventory as a goal to begin 2019. Whether you have a business or want to start one, take inventory of what you have. Inventory doesn’t necessarily need to be physical assets. It could be intellectual assets or ideas, marketing plans or a warehouse of goods. In my business, I always found inventory a painful exercise in all the goods I’d accumulated and how much money was sitting here, there, and everywhere in my store. However, the exercise can be cleansing and a good assessment as to whether you’re bogged down by ‘stuff’ or possibly volumes of entrepreneurial ideas, none of which are usefully serving you.
Use this start of a new year to purge the physical as well as intellectual inventory, cluttering your warehouse, or your mind. Whichever closet you choose to clean out, you will no doubt discover a feeling of liberation and direction, allowing you to focus on streamlining your operation or thought process as you set goals for 2019. You might discover something hidden away you forgot was there, sparking new ideas and direction for you both personally and professionally.
Beth Colosimo

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10kSBLetter from Executive Director Beth Colosimo