Lucky Ones Coffee: SBDC Success Story

by | May 17, 2018 | Charity, Crowdfunding, Recognition, SBDC

Individuals with disabilities are the largest minority group. 1 in 5 people have a disability and 80% of those individuals are unemployed. Katie Holyfield and Taylor Matkins wanted to do something about that. Having worked with disabled adults at the National Ability Center in Park City, they understood well the potential of these individuals when given a chance. So, they opened a coffee shop that employs and empowers individuals with disabilities. “We are setting out to change the stigma that if you work with this population you are a saint,” states Katie and Taylor. Meaning that you don’t need to be like a Mother Teresa to make a difference in their lives for good.
As they were researching about where entrepreneurs could find assistance, they came across the Utah Small Business Development Center Website ( Within 12 hours they had booked their first meeting with Jim Herrin, director and business advisor at the Salt Lake Region SBDC. According to Katie and Taylor, “It was so helpful to have someone with experience guide us through this process. Jim would walk us through next steps and then send us home with a list of things to work on. It helped us stay focused and driven. We set regular meetings when we were first starting to keep us honest and make sure that we were getting the work done on a timeline.”
“ helped us take a step back and thoroughly develop our idea. The SBDC has provided an amazing support system and resources through this process.”
- Katie Holyfield and Taylor Matkins, Owners
Taylor and Katie made steady progress, raising funding from an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, getting incredible support from the community, and having an incredible opportunity come along to open their shop in the Park City Library. The city had publicly issued a request for proposal toward the end of 2017 to find a new coffee shop tenant for the library. Taylor and Katie were encouraged to submit a bid for the space. Even though neither had operated a shop before, they were able to address all the city’s concerns. The city liked their plan as well as their desire to employ disabled individuals. Not only were they awarded the contract, the
city also waived rent and utilities, as well as provided funding for a remodel of the shop.
Secret to Success:
“Take the time and reach out to these resources that are free and will help you take your idea to a whole new level. Even if you just have an idea right now, they can help you develop it and think through what it is you want to do.”
- Katie Holyfield and Taylor Matkins, Owners
After more than a year of preparation and hard work, on Saturday, March 17, 2018, Katie and Taylor’s idea came to fruition. The Lucky Ones Coffee Shop opened its doors. They have hired 18 handicapped adults to work in their shop. For most of these employees it’s the first and only job they’ve ever had. “The business environment that we have created allows us to love what we do. We leave everyday fulfilled, having laughed and learned. It’s impossible to leave without a smile on your face,” states Taylor. “We named our business Lucky Ones Coffee because we are the ‘lucky ones’ to be able to work with these wonderful individuals.”
Says Katie, “So far we have had a tremendous amount of community support but we are still work- ing hard to market and get the word out. We would love everyone in the area to come experience the warmth and positivity that our employees exude. This truly is a place for everyone. Come grab a cup of inclusion!”

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CharityLucky Ones Coffee: SBDC Success Story