Marketing and Digital Media—Journey, Not a Destination

by | Feb 17, 2021 | Beth Colosimo, Business Blog, Marketing, Marketing Hacknight, Training

When I started my business in 2004, (yes, I’m dating myself), the concept of having a website was a ‘nice idea’. Small businesses hadn’t fully embraced websites or understood their purpose, what to include, or frankly how to build one. This rapidly changed throughout the decade as all small business owners got to grapple with one more thing and to embrace this new method for acquiring customers and advertising their existence.

As I meet with and listen to small business owners today, digital media continues to be elusive and evolving—new algorithms, new platforms, new rules from Google, Facebook, and Instagram. Small businesses struggle with how to quantify and measure effective digital media and what content to include or not. How often and when should new content be added? Is a YouTube channel necessary? Should I podcast? SOOO many questions. Oh, and by the way, keep running your actual business as well!

We at The Mill hope to help de-mystify and offer hope and direction through our 3-part series, Digital Marketing Strategy Hacknight taught by true experts from Firetoss. If you struggle with your path and answers regarding effecting marketing, please do yourself a favor and register for this course. If you can’t make one of the classes, no problem. We will record the sessions and allow registered participants to view the session later. We look forward to having you attend. The details are here in our newsletter.

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Beth ColosimoMarketing and Digital Media—Journey, Not a Destination