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by | Nov 19, 2019 | Beth Colosimo, Business Blog, EEPP, Training

As mentioned in prior articles, I’m always looking for new ideas or changes I can make to advance our MBRC programs. One of those ideas became a reality after months of grinding on a concept to help create small businesses quickly. After attending a seminar at a professional conference, I began iterating on the idea of an everyday entrepreneur program at Salt Lake Community College. With the help of trusted colleagues and Jon Beutler’s curriculum creation, we formed the Everyday Entrepreneur Pathway Program or EEPP. We ran pilot classes to determine the feasibility of fast-tracking start-up companies. We tested the interest level of entrepreneurs and the viability of churning out revenue-generating businesses in 3-6 months with 15-weeks of education, mentoring, and encouragement.
We became our own version of a start-up. It started with an idea, some knowledge, some mentors, no money, and a lot of persistence. We had a willingness to fail, pivot, fail again, learn, and be vulnerable. Eighteen months later, EEPP has trained more than 30 start-ups, launched more than a dozen businesses, and established itself as a highly sought after training program. It is an excellent fit for entrepreneurs who have no time to waste, want direction as to how to get into business quickly, and recognize that with a little more training, their dream can become a reality.
Watch for new cohorts starting in 2020.

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