Lecticon’s Edwin Giles was a tenant at The Mill for approximately 3 years. He was also able to participate in the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses program during his time.
“The program helped me re-evaluate what I was doing, and I refocused on working on my business instead of working in my business,” said Giles. “Through the program, I was also able to make sure I was selling my product at the right price so that I could maximize profit.”
Giles is moving on to a bigger office and continues to expand his client base.
Ted Paulsen from On Q Safety will also be leaving The Mill for a bigger space as he continues to grow his company.
“The Mill gave us the opportunity to significantly right-size DST by reducing expenses and staff to manage cash flow. Once on solid footing, we were able to grow the company responsibly, reducing staff to a few at first and growing it by adding the right type of employees.” Said Paulsen about the benefits of working in The Mill Space. “Entrepreneurs should get an outside coach/mentor/advisor to help build a viable business strategy and execution plan to lead to successful operation of the enterprise and an eventually an exit.”
The Mill provides a great space at an affordable price to help entrepreneurs connect and provide mentors and advisors needed to grow and safely test ideas. The Mill has space available now for co-working or dedicated desks. Find out more by clicking below!