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by | Jan 16, 2020 | Business Blog, EEPP, Richard Brown, Training

We created a special EEPP for veterans, active duty, reserve, guard and spouses called VEEP (Veteran Everyday Entrepreneur Program). We are starting our second course series in January and have had a great response from the veteran and military community about it. The VEEP is based on the EEPP, but with the added advantage of providing a comfort level for entrepreneurs who have served and their spouses. The idea was to create the atmosphere that would provide an immediate sense of camaraderie for those who share a common military background, which in turn would enhance the workshop experience offered in the course.
What we found was a cohesive group who easily shared their thoughts and ideas. This is not always possible when veterans or military entrepreneurs feel apart from the group. Having worked with veterans and their VA benefits at a university (and having experienced it myself when I used my VA Education Benefits), it is not uncommon to feel separated from the average student. As veterans, we tend to gravitate to other veterans in the classroom. This course acknowledges that and uses it to enhance the educational experience. The veterans, military, and spouses do well and form cohesive group who assist each other. It has been my observation they offer their thoughts and accept the ideas of others more easily when in a program designed for them. On a personal level, I find it engaging and enjoy the camaraderie as much as the students.

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Business BlogVeteran Everyday Entrepreneur-Richard Brown