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by | Dec 18, 2019 | Beth Colosimo, Business Blog, Creative, Leadership

As we head into the final stretch before Christmas, I’d like to first thank you for being part of the Miller Business Resource Center and the programs and resources offered at Miller Campus. If you’re not as familiar with us as you’d like to be, please make it a point to stop by and visit The Mill or any of our offices in January.
I’ve been reading and studying a bit lately about how what we think about dictates the actions we take or don’t take, as a result of our thoughts. This isn’t new thinking; we’ve all heard phrases like ‘You become what you think about’ or ‘If you practice gratitude, you will be grateful.’
If you imagine a future for yourself that’s greater than your present, the only path to creating a better future is changing your current mindset; envisioning and working on creating that future through changes you begin to make today. For example, if your vision is to double the size of your company, what is your current mindset and subsequent activity to create that future for your business, starting now? Do you actually visualize YOU at double the size?
Our mindset plays such a powerful role in driving our behavior and our success. It’s especially critical for entrepreneurs who already have numerous obstacles and odds stacked against us. Through fear, peer pressure, lack of confidence, all entrepreneurs at one time or another waver as to whether they should move forward or go back to a stable 9 to 5 existence. Without the right mindset, how many of us would forge ahead? How will you ensure you have the right mindset to create the future of your company or your life through your actions today?
By exploring the mind and body connection initially through meditation, you might begin to change your actions and eventually your subconscious thoughts, which eventually will drive you toward that future. It’s takes practice, discipline and deliberate desire to change behavioral patterns that may be holding you back. I recommend the teachings of Dr. Joe Dispenza a neuroscientist, who teaches the mind-body connection and how to rewire your brain for self-healing and manifestation. Transforming your mindset could be the next big step to realizing your full potential as a small, or maybe a large business owner.
On behalf of the staff at Miller Business Resource Center, we wish you the best of the holiday season and look forward to assisting you change your mindset and fulfilling your potential in 2020.

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