Marketing Accelerator Program

Engage Your Customer - Grow Your Business

Next Cohort:

Jan 10, 2024

TOTAL COST: $1,000

Every successful business has an integrated marketing department. At MAP, we set the foundation by putting core elements in place then teach the entrepreneurs how to set up and manage their own marketing department.

You will learn:

  • Build an effective lead magnet
  • Learn how to make social media work for you
  • Create email automations for lead nurturing
  • Gain experience in sales funnel creation
  • Learn how to run your own paid ad campaigns
  • Read analytics like an expert

We have identified four key areas of focus and developed a five-month program to address these issues in order to ensure the success of a small business.

Plan: Marketing results don’t just happen by chance. Create a strategy to ensures you’re targeting the right people, with relevant content that appeals to them.

Capture: Create the ideal profile for your leads by making sure you obtain data for both marketing and sales needs while balancing great user experience.

Measure: You can’t manage what you can’t measure. Using MAP’s proprietary dashboard capture Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to track marketing effectiveness.

Learn: Not only does our peer learning environment expose you to subject matter experts, but you share success, strategies and opportunities with other entrepreneurs.

“No one knows your business better than you.”

Class Schedule

Week 1 - OnboardingJan 10, 2023
Week 2 - Lead Magnet 1Jan 17, 2023
Week 3 - Lead Magnet 2Jan 24, 2023
Week 4 - BrandingJan 31, 2023
Week 5 - Content and MessagingFeb 7, 2023
Week 6 - Marketing Strategy and PlanFeb 14, 2023
Week 7 - Online Business ProfileFeb 21, 2023
Week 8 - KPI and ToolsFeb 28, 2023
Week 9 - Clinic 2: Project ManagementMarch 6, 2023
Week 10 - Wrap-upMarch 13, 2023