Kitchen Incubator at The Mill

Kitchen Incubator at The Mill

Kitchen Incubator

This program is designed for aspiring food entrepreneurs. Our aim is to create, refine and elevate food-based businesses. Participants are encouraged to experiment, innovate, and explore new opportunities, with the ultimate goal of launching their own sustainable, independent businesses within six to twelve months.

In addition to our EEP program, the Food Incubator program offers a rich array of resources, including specialized workshops, one-on-one mentorship, peer networking opportunities, and extensive training in business strategy, restaurant management and kitchen operations. Our comprehensive approach ensures that participants not only develop their culinary talents but also acquire the entrepreneurial skills essential for success in the competitive food industry.

Kitchen Incubator at The Mill


To be considered for the Kitchen Incubator, applicants much meet the following requirements:

  1. Own a food-related business that would benefit from the kitchen incubator.
  2. Take the Everyday Entrepreneur Program.

Learn more about the Everyday Entrepreneur Program.

Learn more about the Food Incubator.

For entrepreneurs developing, launching or growing their food business.

  • Validate your idea using real customer feedback
  • Design a comprehensive business model, including a monthly revenue forecast
  • Through storytelling create your brand and a go-to-market strategy
  • Practice being a business owner and build your network as an expert in your industry
  • Launch your business and get to revenue quickly!
  • In addition, you will be exposed to other small business resources, advisors, and mentors.

This program is broken down into three phases.

The Opportunity

In Phase One you will validate your idea using real customer feedback and start identifying early adopters. With this data you will create a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and Unique Value Proposition (UVP).

The Business Model

In Phase Two, with your customer vetted Minimum Viable Product and a solid Unique Value Proposition we start to create a go-to-market business strategy, complete with a 12-month forecast and marketing plan.

The Launch

In Phase Three with your vetted launch strategy, you prepare to move to market to acquire customers and revenue.

Additionally, you will meet with a business advisor to properly set up and register your business including licensing, Intellectual Property, trademarks, and other business formation issues. Discuss funding options and review your business strategy and forecast.

Kitchen Incubator

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