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Are you driving customers to your website? Is your brand interesting enough to engage them? How are you capturing leads, and what are you doing with them?

An exclusive benefit of The Mill Entrepreneurship Center is our Lead Magnet marketing series.  This four-part workshop is about creating a Lead Magnet to drive customers to your website.  Part of our Marketing Accelerator Program (MAP), this interactive class is taught in a peer learning environment with other like-minded entrepreneurs.

  • Week 1: What is your Brand?

Monday September 11th: 3-5PM

Do you know that your marketing is driven by your Brand.  Without a clear understanding of you Brand, your marketing efforts will not be clear.

Outcomes Week 1: Branding Style Guide including logo, colors, cadence, voice and your personal brand story.


  • Week 2: Content Creation

Monday October 16th: 3-5PM

How are you creating content?  Does your content align with your Brand and the direction that you want to take your company?

Outcomes Week 2: Content strategy for product, subject matter expert, social media strategy.


  • Week 3: Video Strategy

Monday November 13th: 3-5PM

What is your video strategy?  Are you using video to demonstrate your product and drive social media?

Outcomes Week 3: Product demonstration video, social media video, where and how to host video.


  • Week 4: Putting It All Together.

Monday December 11th: 3-5PM

Is your marketing in sync and manageable? Is it working and how are you measuring success?

Outcomes Week 4: Finished Lead Magnet, 6-month marketing strategy, Ad spend ideas.


Take charge of your Brand, reset your current marking effort, and ensure you engage your customers. Come and meet other members at The Mill.  You cannot hire someone to do this! As the business owner, you must underhand and manage your Brand. No one else can.