Entrepreneurship Center


The Mill provides workspace for entrepreneurs and early-stage companies to nurture their ideas, educational opportunities, and access to other small business resources and partners. Our goal is to provide these resources for new companies for up to 36 months so they can strengthen into sustainable business which can grow and expand.

The Mill is located at Salt Lake Community College (SLCC) Miller Campus, 9690 South 300 West, Sandy, Utah 84070. The 15,000-square-foot workspace offers consulting services and professional office space.


Client Rights and Responsibilities

A.    Client Expectations

1.                  Review the following videos:

a.       Goals: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1FysokXvdCMUaylUme0A2v8b7i1QWZ_c/view?usp=sharing


b.      Sales: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1rXu4BoTpixyZcY64Ds2kjsycqYE5ocx1/view?usp=sharing


c.       Business Process: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1UsPnKYYjuOEPJj8s8RecLusFYgZExAPY/view?usp=sharing


2.                  Report yearly Economic Impact Data:  As part of its annual impact report, The Mill tracks the aggregate scale of clients generated at The Mill. This data includes increase in revenue, employees, and capital (debt and equity financing).


3.                  Attend at least four (4) Mission, Objectives, and Key Results (MOKR) Mondays every calendar year.  MOKR Mondays are a chance to meet in a group setting with other like-minded entrepreneurs, discuss ideas and challenges.


4.               Be current on billing.


5.                  Attend educational and networking opportunities.


6.                  Create a community culture of support and trust among all Clients.


7.                  Be a resource for current Clients.


8.                  Respect the open environment, Clients, and their customers.


9.                  Keep the incubator space safe, neat, and clean.


10.              Abide by SLCC campus facility policies.


B.     Building/Office Hours: Clients have 24/7 access to the facility; however, normal operations of the facility are from 7:00 am to 9:00 pm, excluding weekends and holidays.  The Mill Staff is typically available from 8 am to 5 pm Monday – Friday.


C.     Executive Rooms and Training Rooms


1.      The Executive Board Room #314, and Training Rooms #330 and #333 are for Client use only. Rooms are available on a first come first serve basis.


2.      Rooms are reserved by contacting the Operations Administrator[LD1]  or online.


3.      Training rooms are for training purposes ONLY and are limited to reservations of three (3) hours at a time.

a.       For scheduling a conference or extended training, please contact Jackie Jolly at SLCC Miller Conferencing: (801)957-5222 or [email protected]


4.      No outside food or drink allowed.


5.      Training must be confined within the room.  Access to the common area of The Mill is reserved for co-working space clients only.


6.      No outside music players, stereos, or speakers.  Each room has multi-media capabilities.


7.      Tables and chairs will be returned to classroom-style seating by the last user at the conclusion of your meeting or event.


D.    Building Maintenance: The Mill is maintained and cleaned by the SLCC janitorial staff. Notify the Mill Staff immediately regarding your custodial or maintenance needs.


E.     Payment: All payments must be set up via automatic monthly payment.  If a payment is delinquent, Client will be notified immediately and has 3 days to correct the issue. See Operations Administrator for details or questions.


F.      Contract Termination: The Mill reserves the right to terminate any agreement at any time by giving written notice of termination.  Please refer to your contract for additional contract terms and conditions.


G.    Mail: Each Client is provided with one (1) mailing address.  Mail is delivered to your mailbox Monday – Friday. For packages, they will be delivered to the Operations Administrator. You will be notified once your package is ready for pick-up. This process ensures that you are informed and can retrieve your items in a timely manner.


H.    Parking: There is no charge for parking at the Miller Campus.  There is no overnight parking or storage in the parking lot.  Unauthorized vehicles will be towed at the owner’s expense.


I.        Lunchroom: A lunchroom and coffee bar are available for clients and includes two microwaves and a refrigerator. Each Client is responsible for keeping the refrigerator, microwaves, coffee bar and community spaces clean.


J.       Podcast Studio: Clients have access to the podcast studio for free. Orientation on podcast equipment will be required prior to your first podcast session. Training may be scheduled with Operations Administrator.


K.    Solicitation: The Mill maintains a no solicitation policy client-to-client or client-to-mill. Business is encouraged as part of relationship building. Soliciting The Mill or its clients may lead to termination.[LD2]


L.     Pets: Pets of any type are not allowed in The Mill’s or SLCC’s buildings or offices. The only exceptions are service animals for people with disabilities. The customer must show the appropriate paperwork for their service or emotional support animals.  Clients are liable for any cleanup fees or fines incurred because of breaking this guideline.


M.   Smoking: In compliance with the Utah Clean Air Act, there is NO SMOKING allowed in the building. Smoking is permitted outside, 25 feet from the building. Smoking is not permitted on the balcony. This includes vaping.


N.    Alcohol: Consumption of alcoholic beverages is not allowed in The Mill, or on SLCC campus.


O.    Additional SLCC policies can be found at http://www.slcc.edu/policies/








The Mill Staff


Beth Colosimo

Executive Director

9690 South 300 West, #214B

Sandy, UT 84070

(801) 957-5259

[email protected]


Jon Beutler


9690 South 300 West, #317

Sandy, UT 84070

(801) 957-5203

[email protected]


Monique James

Operations Administrator

9690 South 300 West

Sandy, UT 84070

(801) 957-5284

[email protected]


[LD1]Who is this?
[LD2]What does this mean?